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Prophet Fitness Retreats

Our mission is to inspire individuals to prioritize their health and well-being through transformative experiences that promote self-discovery, mindfulness, and physical fitness.


Mudra Retreats & Prophet Fitness Present
A Guided Journey Into Mental & Physical Wellness

to Baja, California

Join us on an immersive 5-day fusion fitness journey to Baja, California designed to uplift your passion, spirit, and strength! Combining the invigorating elements of hip-hop, serenity of yoga, and intensity of physical training.

Our company offers fitness retreats that are designed to help individuals prioritize their health and wellness while indulging in transformative experiences of serene and picturesque surroundings. Our retreats are centered around activities that promote mindfulness, healing, and full-body exercises such as yoga, Pilates, strength & conditioning, meditation, and functional training.

On this 5-day retreat, you can expect: 

Day 1 - Reception and Openings
Evening: Hip Hop Yoga (Hip Opening Workshop)

Day 2 - Internal Passion, Spirit, Strength
Morning: Cardio Kickboxing (Strength Building Workshop)
Evening: Competitive Olympics Bootcamp

Day 3 - Resilience, Balance and Reflection
Morning: Mobility before Hike
Evening: Optional* Restorative Stretch and Meditation

Day 4 - Primal Energy

Morning: Hip Hop Power Yoga (Core Strengthening Workshop)
Evening: Hardcore Pilates and Glute Sculpting

Day 5 - Surrender and Letting Go
Morning: Stretch and Meditation

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