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Our Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to help companies improve the health and well-being of their employees. Our programs include a variety of activities and services such as on-site fitness classes, health screenings, nutrition education, and stress management workshops. Our team of certified wellness professionals will work with your company to design a customized program that fits your specific needs and goals. By promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles among employees, our Corporate Wellness Programs can help to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, build healthy relationships within staff members, and improve overall employee satisfaction.​


Corporate wellness programs are designed to establish a work environment that promotes employee's holistic well-being by creating an organizational health culture. Still recovering from the global pandemic, everyone could use a cleansing of their mind, body, and soul. Implementing corporate wellness can foster the necessary changes for an individual's rehabilitation in the workplace. Having an established corporate wellness program can be vital to the success, morale, and retention of every company and their staff.​


Did you know that a 2017 study pointed out that during the 24-week period of the study, employees who exercised at least150 minutes per week only missed 5hours from work, on average? Those that exercised less than 70 minutes per week missed 19 hours of work. Studies like these help to illustrate how implementing a corporate wellness program can improve your employees overall health and work performance. This in turn will lower their risk of chronic disease, and reduce employee absenteeism due to unplanned illness.


Prophet Fitness is a health and wellness company that hosts a number of services such as personal training, group fitness, corporate wellness, and health consultations. We emphasize the virtues of firm mental discipline, resilient physical strength, and creative self- expression. Prophecy is the summation of vision and manifestation. Through calculated effort and execution, we can all achieve our goals and optimize our well-being though a variety of engaging community classes that include yoga, strength-conditioning, endurance, HIIT, Zumba dancing, and bootcamps. Through our corporate wellness programs, companies such as MedStar Health, National Institute of Health, and the United States Capitol Police have seen these benefits and more for their participating staff overall.

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