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Fit Life Coaching, Health, & Wellness

Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in Washington D.C., Prophet Fitness is a health and wellness company that hosts a number of services such as personal training, group fitness, corporate wellness, and health consultations.

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Achieving Fitness with Vision & Manifestation

Prophesies your life!

We emphasize the virtues of firm mental discipline, resilient physical strength, and creative self- expression. Prophecy is the summation of vision and manifestation. Through calculated effort and execution, we can all achieve our goals and optimize our well-being. Follow a unique program tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Embrace your divinity today!

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Results In Real Time

Hear what others have to say about their transformative health and wellness journeys through Prophet Fitness

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Britt Daniels - Founder of Prophet Fitness

Britt’s passion for wellness originally stemmed from a place of crisis. After struggling with various physical and mental health issues in college, Britt took time away from his studies to live in Japan where he discovered meditation and yoga. Inspired by the Zen philosophy of mindfulness, Britt underwent a transformative process that budded into a love for thoughtful movement and holistic healing. He often describes the body-mind connection as a temple and we should treat it as such with proper intention, exercise and nutrition. After losing over 60 lbs during his stay in Japan, Britt came back to the states inspired to share his love for wellness with others by pursuing a career in fitness. Over the years he has fostered that passion with hundreds of people from all walks of life.